2016 01 St.Wendel

2016 01 St.Wendel


Results and photos from "30, January 2016, in 66606 St.Wendel-Bliesen, Kirchstrasse 13"


Results Open Doubles:

1.Jamal Allalou - Longlong Krutwig
2.Thomas Haas - Lukas Übelacker
3.Christoph Rubel - Constantin Rubel
4.Sebastian Meckes - Loic Weber
5.Patrick Didion - Patrick Glocker
5.Marco Weis - Thomas Ludewig
5.Peter Groß - Ryan Merrifield
5.Peter Thiry - Giudo Kraus
9.Carsten Both - Sebastian Albert
9.Bruno Goncalves - David Marinangelli
9.Yannick Correia -Steve Dias
9.Wolfgang Lawall - Rüdiger Treinen
13.Kai Sick - Pascal Pütz
13.Philip Lukas - Dominik Moll
13.Ulf Gabriel - Chuchrat Compengjan
13.Volker Gröschl - Matthias Buder
17.Alexander Becker - Sinja Weiland
17.Christoph Dias - Joao Campoas
17.Florian Maisch - Steven Müller
17.Mohammad Chamani - Shaghagegh Chamani


Results Women Doubles:

1.Vanessa Heisel - Golshan Chamani
2.Elke Heinz-Thiry - Katrin Hinsberger
3.Jennifer Veith - Sinja Weiland
4.Daniela Gerhard - Sofia Kotsaridou


Congratulations to the winners!


Thank you to the participants and organizers for the smooth running of the extremely strong occupy Tournament. With Jamal Allalou, Sebastian Meckes, Steve Dias and Yannick Correia took equal part four players who are in Europe Choice for the ITSF Intercontinental Cup 2016 (Las Vegas).  With Yannick Correia, Bruno Goncalves, Steve and Christophe Dias also had four players of the current team world champion Luxembourg at the start. Yannick and Bruno also form the reigning world champion in Open Double of Turin 2015. Also at the start, the winner of the Open Doubles at the Tornado German Open 2015 (Christoph and Constantin Rubel, "Cons" also won the mixed doubles) and the runner-up in the men's singles of Grosswallstadt, the German Nationalplayer Longlong Krutwig. Also was completed the number of participants from many other Top Tornado Players. Despite the strong cast and the resulting hard-fought matches around the prize money, was always a good and balanced atmosphere. There is no referee inserts were needed. After all the positive feedback from participants, we look forward to another edition of this tournament, it will take place later this year.

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