Millennial Spessart metropolis with a romantic flair. Shopping City with level  -  idyllic old town   -  Aschaffenburg, of King Ludwig I as the "Bavarian Nice" loved and praised, has that certain something




Aschaffenburg - A piece of joie de vivre.

The cultural city of Aschaffenburg is a city of castles, parks and museums.  It connects the dynamic and international Metropolitan region of Frankfurt-Rhein-Main with the Spessart national park, which has an area of more than 170,000 hectares and is one of Germany's biggest contiguous forested regions. Aschaffenburg offers a colorful array of exciting events. The green of the city parks, the diverse shopping deals, recreation at and on the Main, the high density of pubs and the hospitality of the "locals" make with guests from all over the world for well-being - Bavarian "GOOD FEELING" at the river Main!

Just half an hour from Frankfurt airport by car or ICE, this 1000-year-old city has also become the focal point of the Bavarian Untermain area as a business location, conference centre and exhibition centre.

This... pages that follow should give you an initial impression of the rich diversity of our city with its 70,000 inhabitants, which King Ludwig I was extremely fond of and used to call his "Bavarian Nice".

Sights: Castle Johannisburg and more, see here... 

Altitude: 138 m

Population: 68,000

Guest beds: 800