Club Special

Club Special

The European club with the most points wins a tournament played T-3000 (or another ITSF-table) in top condition incl. shipping within Europe. The organizers are excluded from the action.




If desired, instead of a Tornado T-3000, another official ITSF table are selected:


Points key:
For each participant (even junior) there are 40 points. Minimum 3 players per club. Entry fee and Orga fees include additional per Euro = 1 point. For each kilometer (in Europe) get one extra point (max. 1000 points, distance "Postcode club" to "63868 Grosswallstadt", shortest route, Google Maps)




From 10 participants per club there are 200,00 Euro discount when buying a Tornado T-3000



Please note: We have made in the Tornado T-3000 Special Club Action following changes: minimum 3 players per club must participate, the maximum number of points for the km-distance is 1000 km and for each participant, there are 40 instead of 25 extra points.


Reason of the change: Due to an error in our points key only one participant from Athens, Lisbon or Moscow (2400 km) would more total points than 30 participants from Paris, Berlin, Prague and Vienna (500-700 km). Although these 30 participants would play all disciplines, these teams have no chance. And although the cost (travel / entry fees) would be about 10 times higher. Since we had given us the right to change, and want reasonably equal opportunities for all clubs, we decided three days after publication of the action on this change in the sense of fairness

Please also see the updates in the flyer and in the two sample club calculations