Shipping terms

The shipping is calculated according to weight and country. Currently, the actual shipping costs are only visible at the end of the purchase process. Before you make the purchase. So you take no risk. Only after you click at this point eventually the desired shipping selection (incl. In this stage of stored prices), you can make the purchase. We are currently working to ensure that one can see the detailed shipping previously here.

Note: you pay depends on weight and shipping only the actual shipping costs.

Examples for orientation:

A complete Tornado table is delivered in two large and heavy cardboard boxes and shipping costs depending on the country between 90,00 EUR (Germany)  and 150,00 Eur (Northern- / South- / East - Europe).

The shipment of spare parts and accessories will cost depending on weight and country between EUR 2.70 (up to 500 grams, Germany) and 23.90 EUR (30 Kg, EU countries) or 49.90 EUR (30 kg, are not EU countries). A Maxiletter (incl. tracking number)  to 1000 grams within Europe costs 9.90 EUR. If in doubt please ask.